Associate Educational Fellowship Programme (AEFP)

The Associate Educational Fellowship is an initiative started in September 2014 and is a collaboration between the University of Bedfordshire and the Bedford Borough Learning Exchange (BBLE).

The AEF is an opportunity for staff, working within an educational setting and phases, to come together in an informal atmosphere, to hear of educational good practice, different and successful strategies and to be able to discuss these with others, share ideas and collaborate. We also want to inspire!

The expectations on the Fellows is for them to engage in the opportunities we will have on offer but also to contribute to and potentially take part in research  challenges.  The aim is for this to be a leader-less group.

There will be three main events with high level keynote speakers plus six evening ‘suppers’ during the academic year.  There will also be web-based collaboration and resources.  A really excellent bonus for Fellows is the access to the University library and worth £60.

In September of 2015, the Fellowship was granted funding from The Harpur Trust, to support its development over the next two years.

If you want to know more about the Associate Educational Fellowship please take a look at our website or contact the Programme administrator. Joining is easy and only £100 per academic year.

Gabby Moss


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