Bedford Borough Learning Exchange

Welcome to the Bedford Borough Learning Exchange (BBLE).

The Bedford Borough Learning Exchange (fondly known as the ‘Bubble’) is a collaborative of over 100 local head teachers and leaders of education across Bedford Borough. The BBLE is now an embedded network of leaders and managers committed to developing an education system for the 21st Century.

Meetings are held once every half term and offer leaders the opportunity to hear and respond to input from the local authority, to discuss issues and topics relating to our schools and educational organisations, to have time to reflect within school phase groups and to hear local and national speakers on themes that are pertinent to BBLE needs.  Importantly, it is an opportunity to network with other colleagues.

More recently the BBLE has been able to support and sponsor other local projects. Namely:

  • The 3T project
  • The Associate Educational Fellowship Programme
  • Step into Leadership, a leadership programme for local BME teachers
  • The Culture Challenge

In January 2012 and updated in October 2017, it adopted a formal Constitution which listed Six Main Objectives.

For further information about the BBLE please contact the BBLE Administrator Gabby Moss (term time only) :

email: bble@mybiddenham.com

Mobile:07581 874 384

BBLE Members click here to access the members area.