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The Bedford Borough Learning Exchange has been working with schools in Copenhagen following a successful bid for funding from the Cormenius Project via the British Council. The project began in November 2013 with the aim of investigating the different approaches to education made by a country of a similar culture and bringing back to the classroom some of the good practice gained from this opportunity.

During the three years that this project has run, four groups of teachers and professionals within education from Bedford Borough were able to spend time in different schools in Denmark plus hosting Danish teachers back in our own schools.

The power of the experience and the learning has impacted enormously on both Danish and English colleagues to the point where collaboration isDanish heart continuing between schools and teachers even though the project has now come to an end.

One group came away from their experience with a mantra that is still evident since their return to England.  ‘What Would the Danes Do?’ or WWDD?  This is where, if you have any doubts, you take a step back, take a moment to think about the Danish attitude and readdress your own approach.  It has already worked!

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